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Amazing massage technique!

Posted by on Nov 23, 2015

Amazing massage technique!

Have you heard about this amazing fat-loss technique that is completely revolutionizing the way that you see weight-loss?

It’s called Slimming massages, this technique has definitely become more popular and more popular as the months go by across the entire world because of how soft it is to the body and how effective it is.

So the main idea behind a slimming massage is that through an external massage and different external techniques done to you, the one performing it is able to put your body into the most favorable state for fat burning, facilitating your body the act of burning fat without any obstacles.

To give you an idea, there are many toxins in your body both internal and external that flow through your blood and accumulate within your muscles, they also accumulate in your skin and most of the time a simple shower or bath doesn’t really help removing those toxins and they get stored there for a very long period of time.

Sometimes they cling to the adipose tissue (fat) and despite your efforts to burn that fat those toxins do not help at all.
This causes your body to just keep storing fat, which is not what we want in here.
Ideally you want your body to have an easy time burning the fat whenever you either restrict the calorie intake or you exercise meaning that you make the calorie consumption of your body higher, therefore your body has no other choice but to burn the stored fat in order to keep surviving.

So these slimming massages do just that, put your body in the most favorable state to burn fat easily, they are done through dry body brushing that removes the toxins from the skin and leaves a clear path for your blood and sweat to come out; then the next step is a steam and aromatic compress application in which your blood stream will flow at a faster rate due to the heat and then due to the steam you will sweat all the toxins that your body has stored within it (remember that now it has a clear path).

Then we move to the fat mobilization which its main focus is to make sure that your blood stream gets access to the stored adipose tissue and it is able to pick it up to burn it whenever needed. And last but not least the red ray therapy in this massage for slimming because it will make sure that your digestive system is working perfectly and accordingly to the goal that we have which is burning fat and therefore losing weight for a better and healthier look!

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